Light a candle, dim the lights, feel the energy and experience the LEGEND of YOU!

Legend of The Spa is a “Farm to Spa” healing skin, body & home care line created for women and men who are interested in a result-oriented line of vegan, chemical-free skin care and bath products sourced from nature to heal their skin, body, and soul. The integrity of the plant’s natural nutrients is always left intact; each ingredient is cold-pressed into healing oils, floral waters, and luxurious creams without the use of animal products, preservatives or chemicals. This transformational vegan, natural face care product collection is priced under $80 & incorporates luxurious ingredients, healing crystals and reiki energy to provide the ultimate “feel good” skincare regimen.

Our Story

Crafted by seasoned industry experts, Sheila Brody and Maureen Brody — 2 sisters who grew up in Brooklyn, New York and raised by immigrant Irish farmer parents. The Legends of the Spa natural body care product line is dedicated to their father who taught them the legendary healing aspects of nature, learned from the farmer lifestyle. They combined this with the result-oriented, advanced technology of a modern urban sophisticate.

The farmer’s daughter duo, launched the LEGEND of The Spa collection in commemoration of their 20 year anniversary in the skincare and spa industry. As owners of the parent company, The Green Spa & Wellness Center, these sisters along with their partner, Maria Ingardia-Brody are revolutionizing the skincare industry. Natural face care products are infused with therapeutic crystals and Reiki healing energy. The products hold each crystal’s healing vibrations and infuse them into your skin care regimen — which absorb into your body on a cellular level. Reiki activates the natural healing processes of the skin and body, restoring physical and emotional well-being.

Legend of The Spa’s creators literally put their heart into each every product of this collection! Heart-shaped rose quartz crystals are energized with the intention of each product being used as a daily “Self Love Ritual.”  With our vegan bath products and skin care, our customers can turn each application into a transformational healing experience. In today’s fast-paced culture, we have few moments to truly care for our body, minds, and souls — we need to embrace each moment with self-love.

Light a candle, dim the lights, feel the energy and experience the LEGEND of YOU!

What is your LEGEND?

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Experience Legend 

Available at:

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center
300 East 66th Street
New York, NY 10065


The Green Spa & Wellness Center
8804 Third Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11209